Deptartment of Revenue - What do you mean my check bounced?

Atlanta, Georgia 1 comment

This week I received a notice from the Ga Dept. of Revenue saying that my check for taxes owed for 2007 bounced. What? I don't understand. What do you mean my check bounced?

For the past three years I have owed the state of Georgia money for taxes. I already don't understand that because I don't make much and take of three children. Anyway, I payed the money for 2007 in March, 2008. And here it is December, 2009 and I'm just getting this notice. I don't understand. If this the case why has it taken so long for me to hear from them. When I filed my taxes, they most surely let me know in a timely fashion that there was money owed.

Even though I don't know why I always owe taxes every year, I still pay them. But the real kicker is the bank didn't send me anything saying I had bounced any checks.

I don't get it.



mabe thay just got around to cashing it lately.

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